Are you getting the most out out of UV light?  Chances are...NO!

     The benefits of using Ultraviolet light in helping to detect impurities, restoration, or modern tampering of artifacts has been known for quite some time now.  But, do you use it to it's full potential? 

     Ultra-violet light is not a miracle tool that will automatically tell you if a point is modern or old, that's fact.  They will however in some instances help you ascertain certain anomalies about an artifact.  They have become commonplace for most collectors, we all have them in our toolkits and use them regularly.  They don't always show you if a point has been rechipped, restored or otherwise tampered with, but they can in some instances.  On some materials ultraviolet simply has no effect, but it can be a valuable aid when it does. 

     Let me tell you a way to help increase the usability of UV and add yet another tool to your fake detection toolbox.  Having a UV light itself simply isn't enough.  Without using UV glasses with the ultraviolet, you can very easily miss otherwise visible signs of modification on some artifacts.  UV glasses enhance the users ability in many instances and if you aren't using them, you are missing out on a valuable tool.  In many cases you cannot see these anomalies without the glasses.  Look at the pictures below to get an idea of the difference the glasses can make.

Point in common light.


Point under UV light.


Point under UV light through UV glasses, notice the yellow at the end and the spots (tip is restored)

Let me state that all materials and points will NOT be effected with added use of the glasses, as with typical UV.  Also all points should be examined both with and without the glasses for full effect.  Some material seem to react better with the glasses, some without.  The glasses are simply another tool for your kit.  As with the UV lights themselves, the glasses are not a miracle catch -all tool that will make you an instant expert in modification of all artifacts. 

Pottery in common light.



Pottery under UV light.



Pottery under UV light with glasses.  Note the chartreuse area of restoration that is clearly visible.

 The picture below is pretty dramatic is showing the vast differences that the addition of UV glasses can make.  The shard below has residue on it that is not easily visible under the UV until viewed through the yellow ultraviolet safety glasses. 

Pottery in common light.


Pottery under UV light.


Pottery under UV light with glasses. Notice reside at the top and sides, very definitive.

     I have UV kits available for sale, just like I used here.  They include 1 UV pen light (batteries included) with metal construction and 1 pair of yellow UV safety glasses.  The banner at the top are the actual style of pen and glasses that are included with this kit. 

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