Springdale 2008 Artifact Show Pics

These images are from the Springdale Arkansas artifact show 2008.  Instead of only showing artifacts,  I tend to take alot of photos of people, so folks can put faces to the people behind the rocks.  I try to keep these jovial in the captions and in no way intend disrespect towards the people in the images.  I don't remember all of the names, so if I forget someone or label something incorrectly, just email me with the correct details.  Enjoy the pics....party on Garth!  Click on the images below to show a larger version. - Matt

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Disclaimer: I ate crayons and licked windows often as a child.  Sheep love me, cats hate me..life goes on.

Dan Maas shows off a display of ultra fine relics. I offered to trade him a hat full of  Kriegers for them, to no avail.  After he turned down a case of Nehi, my kids, 6 1/2 cats (don't ask) and a coupon to the waffle hut...I realized he really wants to keep them.

Dan showed me the smallest catlinite pipe I've ever seen!  It was an very nice piece.  We came to the conclusion that it's likely that it was used by Oompah Loompahs or Ross Perot.

Bob Chambers (on the left) had the tables next to me at the show.  he was a nice guy, but still refused to pull my finger even when offered paleo birdpoints in return. 

Robert Walters (left) and Rick Miller (right) argue over which will skip further, Clovis or Cumberland.

Mike Todd is shown here with his offerings of South American artifacts.  He has good prices but looked at me funny when I  asked for the "Apocalypto" package deal.  

Jeff  and Suzette Baker are good people with a great family!  Be sure to check out their website at www.paperedpoints.com

Jerry "3-toes" Branstetter is shown here posing with his great collection of Northeast Oklahoma lithics.  Jerry is a man of many talents, the least not being his ability to juggle squirrels with his feet while reciting the first 3 pages of any Perino guide. 

Shawn and Suzy Ballard are regulars of the Springdale show.  They are seen here with a young collector in training.

Roy "Sonny" Hutchinson is a legend when it comes to pottery. Here, he is seen with some reproduction Quapaw & Caddoan pottery that him and his son make.  They do an outstanding job and I recommend everyone pick up a few pieces if you can.  It's a great educational tool and can teach you alot about how pottery is made.  Roy is also a wealth of knowledge and always fun to talk to.  Pictured to the left of Roy is John Rahhal from Edmond Oklahoma.

Here is some of the Quapaw pottery made by Roy.

Here is some Caddoan vessels, also made by Roy.

Kevin Jerome is good people.  If you see him at a show, rest assured that he'll offer you a great deal on pottery.  Be sure to drop by his table and see him if you get a chance, he'll treat you right.

Whar's da beef?!

 Hayes Turner and his wife are shown here with a bison skull cap.  Hayes is another staple at the shows and always has a large assortment of pottery.  Generally Hayes & Kevin have several tables full of pottery at the shows, you can't miss them!

J.T. Ross is a nice guy and fun to talk to .  He is very knowledgeable on pottery, be sure to lend him an ear when you stop by his table.

Larry Tetterton was a new face at the show this year.  He made a long haul, driving all of the way up from Florida to attend the Springdale show this year.  His river finds were impressive to say the least! After failing to convince him that Gary's were known as "Okie Short-Tailed Hillsborough", I had to keep my stemmed beauties...*sigh*.

Very kewl fossil!  Mammoth lower mandible, brought by Larry Tetterton & crew.  Larry kept slapping the dremel and bondo out of my hand, I guess he don't mind that one of the teeth had a cavity. 

Ollie Miller came from Tenn. to the show this year.  He has a nice array of eastern artifacts for sale.  It's always nice seeing new faces at the show and hopefully more will come back next year. 

Malcolm "Paleo Pup" McLaughlin drove all of the way from Washington D.C. to get a hold of some shiny river points, and succeeded!  He's a blast and I really am glad that he was able to make the trip.  Unfortunately we have to put off the snipe hunting until his next trip.

Stephen Burks puts on the Springfield, MO. show each year.  If you get a chance, check out the show.  It's a fun one and coming up very soon!  Hope you all can attend.

Scott Griffis (left) and Richard Morrison (right) are seen here debating important current day events such as "Oprah or Ellen?"

Lonnie Hartline is a character!  He's always a fun one to talk to at the show.  It's a little known fact that he appreciates titty twisters...try it and see. 

Larry "grizzly" Merriam is another fountain of knowledge.  I'm privileged to have known him and his son for quite some time. Be sure to pick up him and  Chris' book on the Spiro mounds, it's a must have for any library! Look for  "Spiro Mounds: A photo essay"

Dee Graham is spotted here reciting rock poetry "heated Burlington is red.... Smurfs ears are blue....Lord, what's that smell?...Matt, is that coming from your shoes?!".   Ok, I never said he was great at it.

Peter Frampton at Springdale!!!

Ok, Ok..that's Johnny Kidd (left).  Johnny is a super guy and a helluva river hunter.  I'm jealous of his finds, everyone is! Johnny's a hoot and definitely one of the good guys.

Roy Motley is seen here at his table, another staple at the show.

Don Dickson is a good man and a friend.  If you have a question on lithic materials, chances are he can answer it for you. He's seen here talking rocks with a patron of the show.  He wrote "Prehistoric Native Americans in the Ozarks", another one that you need if you don't already have it.  If you do, then get another copy.  

Dub Lyerly (middle) is a guru on Mississippian pottery and a great guy to boot!  When I needed help greatly (auto accident), he was there.  We need more collectors like him who are willing to share and help others.   

Lyle and Cheryl Nickle had to put up with me and my antics the whole show!  They were at the table next to me.  I really liked those cookies, they're my favorite (serious!).  Ya know, my birthdays coming up Lyle, only 5 more months.   Bet them cookies would stay fresh in the mail.  Did I ever tell you how much I like cookies?


Dr. Jim Cherry is the man, it's that simple.  He is the foremost authority on head pots and other Mississippian goodies.  He is humble, intelligent and an absolute wealth of information.  He is a familiar face at the show and someone that I very much admire.

Meet Gary McGhee.  I want his friendship engraved bottle and tried to get it to follow me home (to no avail).  He wouldn't let me put a leash on it, he mumbled something about money. 

Sam Johnson (back) has some killer artifacts.  If his caddoan relics don't make you slobber, then you have no pulse.

Rick Steed and son Ira are shown here with a fine assemblage of Caddo pottery.  I named his bear effigy Elmer, he just doesn't know it.  He has some outstanding museum quality Caddo vessels there folks. 

Robert Walters is a nice fellow with an amazing collection.  I enjoyed meeting him and talking rocks.  His high plains paleo is fantastic and will make anyone stop to wipe the drool from their lower lip.  Great meeting you Robert!


Another one of Robert's frames.  He wouldn't give them to me.

This frame belongs to Tom Amble, who also had many stellar displays.  Catlinite & Bone items found by W.H. Jensen ...schweeet!


That's all folks!  I have more pics and may put more on later.  It was a fun show this year and I got the chance to meet several new people.  Sunday, I put a white cast of a cache river out in front of the tables to see who all would stop to pick it up (hick entertainment).  Surprisingly, in a show full of hunters, very few people even saw it!  I guess nobody was looking down at the show.  I did wind up losing some of the casts when folks would see it and put it in their pockets though..lol!!!   All in all, it was a fun show.  Thank you all for putting up with me, and I hope to see you next year!!!   - Matt

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me.

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