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        As a long term collector of relics, I have learned to respect and appreciate the people of the past.  While stone tools have always held a special place in my heart, pottery is my obsession.  Unfortunately not all of the vessels that we find are pristine & undamaged.  However, there is an available option.  Pottery restoration is a wonderful way to bring back the beauty of these damaged ceramics. 

OUR GOAL:  Ozark Relics Restoration services is dedicated to the preservation of ancient ceramics.   There are varied degrees of restoration.  Filling the holes in a vessel will in fact make it more stable, helping to prevent more damage in the future.  You can opt for a simple fill of larger holes, or cracks, with no paint so you can easily tell where the restored part is.  You may also decide that you wish it all filled & painted to match.  This is all a matter of personal choice, left up to the customer. 

METHODS:  My process is reversible, in case of future necessity.  I wrote a simplified article called "Pottery Restoration Made Easy" that describes the basic process,  in the July issue of Central States Archaeological Journal.  I do not adversely affect the original pottery in any way.  I fill in the missing, not cover up the existing pottery.

PRICING:  Pricing is dependant on the task required.  From simple gluing together, to major restoration.  I can give approximate estimates from pictures of the vessel, and a detailed description of exactly what you wish done. Be sure to include the dimensions, provenance, and any other pertinent information.  With pictures I can only give an approximation of price.  Once the vessel has arrived I can give a more concrete estimation.  A 25% deposit of the total fee will be required beforehand.  Shipping costs both ways are to be paid by the customer, return shipping to be added onto the final price. Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact information.

Restoration Examples

click on images for a larger view 

This is a rare snarling dog effigy bowl from Arkansas.  Holes & cracks filled. 

DogBefore-After.jpg (33900 bytes)


Another recent restoration.  Cracks filled, whole rim restored, as well as many nodes and linear appliqués on the side.

NodedRestoration.jpg (45615 bytes)


This is a bowl from KS, showing from shards to finished product. Beautiful bowl, I thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

ksbowlbeforeandafter.jpg (102071 bytes)


Very nice human hooded bowl that I had the opportunity to restore.  Rare form from Arkansas. 

hoodedbeforeandafter.jpg (46093 bytes)


  Generally items with only this meager bit left are not likely candidates for restoration.  However, this is an exception to the rule, by having sentimental value to the customer. Wonderful Black & Red Anasazi piece.

beforeandafter.jpg (42370 bytes)


Matt Rowe

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