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All of the artifacts on this page are from a Somerset County, Pennsylvania collection.  The finder put a small cataloguing sticker on each of the artifacts.  I guarantee the items to be authentic, and if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email or call me.  - Matt 


Prices are not set in stone make me an offer!


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UPDATED 5-14 -2012


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Lot 0 - These are a few of the better pieces.  Notice, there are two hardstone pieces in here as well.  There is a broken bannerstone (with tallied end) and a broken Expanded center gorget. 

Note: 6th one over from left, 2nd row, is gone.
Lot 1 -  
Lot 2 -  Miscellaneous points.  Lot 3 -  Common points.
Lot 4 - This group is primarily triangular points.  One of them (top row, to the right) somebody glued a fixture on to wear on a necklace.   Lot 5 - Assorted mixture of points.  
Lot 6 - Stemmed & Side Notched Points.   Lot 7 - Hafted Scrapers 

Note: first one to left in the 2nd row, is gone.
Lot 8 - Bifurcated base points.    Box of points.  These vary, broken and complete.  I didn't look through it real good to see if there are any gems, but I doubt it. I'm not sure, but "guesstimate" that there are at least a few hundred points in this box.  
10a.JPG (33045 bytes)10b.JPG (34775 bytes) Very nice point, made of a better than normal material for the collection (jasper?)  - $33

 This point is in Lot # 0 above.

Item # 0-13
12a.JPG (48142 bytes)12b.JPG (48544 bytes)

Group of Pa Points. 

$15 $10 each or $60 $50 for all.

This is lot # 1, above.

13a.JPG (35291 bytes)13b.JPG (37197 bytes)

 Black point made of Coshocton (?).  Pretty material, but they had probs flaking it. 

 $22 - Now $17

This point is in lot "0" above.

Item # 0-3

14a.JPG (32891 bytes)14b.JPG (37315 bytes)

Thin but  has a tiny tip nick.  Made of Rhyolite.  - $17 $15

This is in Lot 0, above.

Item # 0-10

15a.JPG (40664 bytes)15b.JPG (36666 bytes)

Very well made point, made of Jasper (?). - $20

This point is in lot "O" above.

Item # 0-20

1a.JPG (35415 bytes)1b.JPG (32897 bytes)

Rhyolite side-notched critter.  Small dart point, thin. - $18

This point is in Lot "0" above.

Item # 0-18

2a.JPG (32108 bytes)2b.JPG (33228 bytes)

Small dart point. 

$23  $20

This point is in Lot "O" above.

Item # 0-15

3a.JPG (30761 bytes)3b.JPG (31069 bytes)

Serrated Archaic critter, made from Flint Ridge(?). Has an ear ding. 

$20 - Now $15

This point is in lot "O" above.

Item # 0-8

5a.JPG (40766 bytes)5b.JPG (41153 bytes)

2 better made points.  Left is Coshocton, the one on the right is Jasper or Flint Ridge. 

$22 $20 each or $38 $34 for the pair.

These points are in lot "O" above. 

Item # 0-9

6a.JPG (33020 bytes)6b.JPG (34991 bytes)

Serrated and Chevron flaked archaic point. Has an ear ding.

$17 - Now $15

This point is in lot "O" above. 

Item # 0-11




biffb.JPG (40932 bytes)biffa.JPG (40001 bytes)

Two killer bifurcates that unfortunately have damage. Left has impact damage, right one has tip ding.

$15 each or $25 for the pair.

These are in lot "8" above.

Item# 0-2

bluntsa.JPG (45637 bytes)

Hafted scrapers (11).  Some are made of great material.  Bottom right one is sold.

$15 $10 each or $90 for all

These are Lot "7" above.

tinybifa.JPG (31920 bytes)tinybiffb.JPG (31314 bytes)

2 tiny bifurcates. 

$17 $15 each or $30 $25 for the pair. 

These are the two last pieces in lot "8" above.

trio1a.JPG (37581 bytes)trio1b.JPG (33806 bytes)

3 side notched critters.  

$22 $20 each or $55 $50 for the group.

dueta.JPG (36566 bytes)duetb.JPG (38533 bytes)

Decent points. The one on the left is well worked. 

$20 $15 each or $35 $25 for the pair.

These are in lot "O", above.

Item # 0-14

groupa.JPG (42444 bytes)groupb.JPG (42460 bytes)  

Stay tuned to this page, I have plenty more from the collection to add!  If you are looking for anything in particular..let me know.  Remember, the prices are negotiable and trades are always welcomed!

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