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NOTE: The pictures below are accurate in portraying the damage (if any) to the vessels.  Realize that the camera does in fact generally make the damage appear greatly than it actually is in person.  If you have any questions about these vessels or any other artifacts, please feel free to contact me!  Also, Trades are welcomed.


  Effigy jar from Peru.  Has a raised effigy of a monkey  on the side.  $150
  Small Caddo jar.  Restored.  $150 
  Mississippian shallow bowl.   1 probe hole and 1 small piece missing out of the rim.  Very nice bowl - $150
  Caddo Friendship bowl from Arkansas.  Broken & glued with minor restoration.  $325
  San Ildefonso black on black bowl.  Very small, could be considered a miniature.  Broken and glued.  Unknown age, most likely early 1900's .   $175
  Salado southwestern miniature bowl.  From Arizona.  $65

  Casa Grandes, Ramos Polycrome bowl.  Broken and glued.  $400
  Small Meso-American tripod shallow bowl.  Mexico.  No restoration, solid small bowl.  $90
  Very rare Mimbres geometric bolw.  Killed, broken and glued from a few pieces.  Cinnamon & Black colored, from New Mexico.  $1250
  Hohokam small broken bowl.  White with brown designs.  Great restoration project, or display-worthy as is.  $90
Very nice Caddo bowl.  Minor restoration.  Saw-tooth rim, fine decorations.  $450
Caddo Hempstead bowl.  Broken and glued, very minor restoration.  Arkansas.  $350 
  Small southewestern bottle.  Red, with good fire clouds.  Solid, no restoration.  $75 
 Meso-American Tripod bowl.  Solid, no restoration.  Mexico.  $90