Spavinaw Knap-In

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James Howell is a super knapper and an all around good guy.  Not only is he a knapper, he makes alot of his own material (glass artistry).  If you haven't seen his work before, then you're in for a real treat.

This is some of James' work.  These points he knapped out of "fancy" glass that he made.  Notice the patterns that he put in the material.  Beautiful stuff!

A little closer look and different angle of some of James' handiwork.  What patterns! Flaking and material both!

More of James' work.


George Eklund is a very well known knapper.  Most collectors have probably seen some of his work at one time or the other,  just may not have known it at the time.

George's pile of axes and larger items that he was making.  George also is known for making some very kewl looking 'exotics'.

Some very intriguing 'exotics' made by George Eklund.  Gotta love those tiny guitars knapped out of flint!  Also notice the point knapped into the stone at the front.

One of George Eklund's trademark exotics, a point knapped into a stone.  That takes alot more talent to accomplish than you'd think.

Another one of his points knapped into a cobble.


More of George Eklund's creations.  


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