Spavinaw Knap-In

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Darla Dirksen (left) And Lolly (right)


Lolly is a diehard Arkansas River hunter and a good person.  I always enjoy talking to her and swapping stories.  Here, she is showing off two super finds from the river.  Both are incredible pieces.

Here is a closer look at Lolly's Daltons. The one on the left she found years ago (over 5") and the one on the right is a recent find.  Shhhweeett!  I offered her a limited edition Bob Dole toilet seat cover set and two goats for the pair, but she declined. *sigh*


Ron Fuller is the host of the Spavinaw knap in each year.  Here, he is seen proposing a direction toward the nearest sheep pasture.



Ron's copper bopper, leather, chair and Black Novaculite biface that he was working on reducing. 

Here, Ron is seen abrading (dulling the platform) of the biface to the left before striking.

Dane Martin (editor of Chips magazine) is seen here showing some leg.  

Derek McLean reducing a Novaculite biface.

Group photo of some of the knappers that attended the Knap-in.  Brian Thompson is seen in the center discussing the latest Olympic event "turtle hockey" to an alert audience.



Caught in the act!!!  Jim Redfern is shown here reaching for his secret stash of opossum grits.  Jim is a staple at the Spavinaw knap-in and a helluva knapper.



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