Spavinaw Knap-In

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The knap-in is held every year, the first weekend after the 4th of July on Spavinaw Creek in Northeast Oklahoma.  It's put on by Ron Fuller and attracts knappers from all over. This years turn out was a bit low (most likely due to gas prices), but is always a great time.  Knap-in's attract collectors as well as knappers, they are well known for their educational as well as artistic value.    

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Spavinaw Creek, Delaware Co. Ok. - The knap in is held every year on the banks of this beautiful creek.

Darren Dirksen brought along some atlatls for everyone to take a fling at.  Left to right: Ray, Brett Rowe and Darren Dirksen.

Darren is caught in action, heaving an atlatl dart.  The darts are made of rivercane with Bois D'Arc (Osage Orange) tips.  These darts are much more durable than a person would think.  In this shot he stuck into a tree.

Brett Rowe (my son), preparing to throw.  Brett played with the atlatl just about all day and became surprisingly adept at throwing  it.  He's a 10 yr old mammoth hunter in the making!

The release.  Note the atlatl dart (blur) in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Brett was using a "basketmaker" type of atlatl.  Several types were available to try, but the basketmaker style appeared also to me the easiest to control.

Ray throws his atlatl, while brett prepares another shot.  Notice the flex in the dart as it leaves.  The spine stiffness (ability to flex) of the dart is a key feature in the physics of the dart and ability to propel it with speed & accuracy.

Darren Dirksen is an artist and i'm sure you'll be seeing much more of his work in the future.  Here, he is seen displaying a large knife that he has knapped out of local material.

A fine display of modern points that Darren has knapped.  The large Calf Creek made out of Peoria chert in the upper right hand corner was the model for the shirt he is wearing in the picture to the left.

More of Darren's work.  These are T-shirts showing off some of his artistic abilities.  These shirts are usually available at many shows around the country, or you can contact him directly.  He also done the T-shirts for the local Green Country Artifact show earlier this year.

What a way to spend the day!  This picture shows one of the displays set up at the knap-in.  


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