The first ever Green Country Artifact Show was held April 22, 2006 at the Pryor American Legion.  It was a smashing success with a very large "walk-in" crowd.  We plan on having another show soon, perhaps this fall!  So be sure to plan ahead and try to attend!    Here are a few pics from the April show.  Unfortunately I didn't take alot of these pics until the show was almost over, so I missed alot of people.  I hope to Click on the pics to enlarge  - Matt

Mayan Artifacts that I don't own......darnit.

Mayan eccentrics.  The top two in left hand case are now mine...woohoo!  I'm pretty sure one is a spark plug gapper effigy while the other is a flint throwing star.  Mayan Ninjas!

Bill Breckinridge  and his wife Tammy.  Bill won best of show award for his 5 1/2" Allen from the Arkansas River here in Oklahoma.

A nice display of points.  That's not patina on them, that's drool...........mine.

Mayan macro blades & Monolithic axe.

From left to right: Darren Dirksen, Johnny Kidd, Hayes Turner & Roy McKey.

Dave Brooks from Springfield, MO. wrapping it up and the end of the show.

John Richardson (left) and Fred Pace (right) discussing flint and sharing goat wrestling techniques.

Some of Fred Pace's displays.

Don Dickson is a noted archaeologist and author.  He has named several point types, including the Calf Creek.  You can purchase his newest book on the Ozarks here on this site.

Donnie Replogle's display of Oklahoma Prehistoric bone and stone won best display award at the show.

Hayes Turner and Kate are good people who always have a table full of nice offerings at bargain prices. 

Chris Merriam is always a pleasure to see at the shows.  If you don't have his and Larry's book on Spiro Mounds, you are missing out!

Lonnie Hartline is not only notorious for his flint collection, but also his ability to punt poodles over 50 yards without breaking a sweat.

Who turned the lights out!  Ok, I don't know how to work the camera right.  *sigh*......this is why they wouldn't let me take pics at the Flea Flickers of America Convention last year.

Will add more pics later!!!!