Springdale Show 2007

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These are all pictures taken from the Springdale Artifact Show on Feb 24 & 25th of 2007. 

Mayan Macro Blade thingies.

Mike Milsap is there in the background with his display of fine historic bottles and stuff. 

Roy Motley (left).  I forgot the person on the right hand sides name, so we shall refer to him as "festus" in all future reference.

Philip Loyd talks shop with J.T. Ross (I think?).  See the Quapaw painted bottle in the front?  That's mine.  Nope, you can't have it.  Quit staring at it...it's mine,all mine I say! I see you peeking, stop it!

Some of Sam Johnson's pottery that he had at the show.  Poor critters.....even as clay vessels, they get caged up. 

One of Tony Stein's incredible Spiro Frames.  What an absolutely numbing array of material!!!! 

Another angle of the same frame.  I suck at taking pics and often get a glare off of glass...sorry.

Roy Hutchinson with some of his pottery.  I fell in love with the Hodges water bottle there on the table.  I wanted it..it wanted me....but Roy said that wasn't a good enough love, I needed money before I could make out with it.  *Sniff*..I'll miss it.

Sam Johnson (left) and Jim Speers (right). 

Here's another one of Tony Stein's artifacts.  An outstanding shell mask!  Look at the forked eye design. These are VERY rare.  Doesn't it give you the urge to put it on and chase the kids around the house?  Or then, it could just be me.

An overview of the show.

Another overall shot of some tables at the show.

Some people who's names I forgot.  In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm notorious for having the world's worst memory!

Some southwest stuff.  Another guy who's name eludes me. 

I love this piece.  Tony Stein owns it and refuses to let me babysit it.  What a sweet shell piece! 




Tony Stein.

 If yall haven't met Tony, you should.  He's a good guy who is always willing to talk rocks and has a true passion for the hobby.  Please check out his website at :

Mississippian Artifacts

Terry Allen in front of JT Ross' award winning pottery display. 

Tom Bramlett is good people.  I've met him a few times and have always enjoyed swapping rock stories with him.  Very nice guy, and a staple of the Springdale show!

Dr. Kent Westbrook (right) and possibly John Locke on the right hand side. 

I hope yall enjoyed the pictures and please take the commentary in the manner in which it was intended..good humor!   I'll end this by saying that the people are what makes a show, and I really enjoyed it this year.  Thanks for putting up with me and I hope to see you all at the Pryor, Oklahoma show here shortly!  Thanks again!  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at:


Arrowheads 1 Home Page , Springdale Show Pics page 1