Springdale Show 2007

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These are all pictures taken from the Springdale Artifact Show on Feb 24 & 25th of 2007.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Art Gerber and his wife.  They take some remarkable artifact photographs that I'm sure you've seen before.

Some of Tom Bramlett's wonderful points.  I made him an offer in trade on these fine points but he declined.   I guess not everyone's into vintage peewee herman collectors edition slightly stained playing cards......his loss. 

It's rumored that these casts were made by perhaps the sexiest man to ever dwell in  Oklahoma and surrounding states.  We all know that sheep don't lie. 

This caddo canoe effigy pot impressed me greatly.  It's owned by JT Ross, who won best of show for his pottery.

You simply can't ask for much better people than the Merriams. 

This is Chris "Thunder Toes" Merriam.  He gained the nickname when he won the first ever Oklahoma squirrel punting invitational. 

Be sure to check out Chris' website at: Arrowheads Online

This is one of Jim Cox's impressive Spiro Mound Displays.

Yes, another one of Jim Cox's incredible Spiro frames.

This is getting redundant. *sigh*, another museum grade display of Spiro material that I can only dream about.

I hate you Jim.   This just isn't fair, nobody should have this many jaw-dropping items.

Jim had to slap me away from the cases repeatedly, he said I was fogging everything up and the saliva was making a mess.

This is Jim Cox and umm..Jim Cox (no relation).  Left side Jim is the display case dude, and right side Jim is from OKC and the proud owner of the Spiro examples shown.  I still think he should consider my offers of adoption...... Daddy!

Dee Graham shown here with some of his cases.  I think I woke him up to take this picture.  He was mumbling something about a midnight snack when the flash went off.

Don Dickson is hard at work examining artifacts and cracking "Yo Momma Jokes".....ok, maybe just the former.  Don's a wonderful person and if you ever get a chance to talk lithics with him, you should!

Dub Lyerly with the "caught in the headlights" look.  Dub is a good guy who puts on the Paragould Artifact show each year.  You can get more information about it from

 Papered Points

Eccentrics.  I think those Mayans had a wee bit too much free time on their hands.  Their skills are actually impressive, as shown in this display of eccentrics in the shape of spark plug gappers, Klingon warships and bowlegged bugs.

Eric Henley won best personal find for his enormous bone gaff hook thang that he found in MO recently.  I'm sure yall remember the article.  The hook is MUCH more impressive in person, and the deserving finder is a very nice person to boot.  Way to go Eric!

Mike Bell (left) won best of show for his display, and best Grizzly Adams impersonator to boot.  Jerry "Spanky" Branstedder (right) could be seen after the show lip-synching  Abba tunes at a local karaoke bar - I'm not sure I can recover.

Jim Bennett is seen here.  Happy, very ...very...happy.  He wouldn't let me near his drink...hmm. 

I actually had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Jim at  and before the show and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He is a knowledgable man and a lot of fun!  If you don't have his books on fakes, you should get them.  Be sure to check out his website at: Old Relics

Larry "Oklahoma Jones" Merriam is seen here with some of his Spiro literature.  He and his son Chris recently put out a superb book on Spiro mounds that is a must have for ANY library!  Be sure to pick up your copy today.  The Merriams are a staple at the shows, and I don't think any show would be complete without them.  Please visit their site at : Merriam Station Books

The rather elusive creature on the right hand side is what collectors often refer to as "Lonnie Hartline".  It only comes out when there is fine flint present, or the scent of bbq possum chops wafts through the air.  Be wary of this Lonnie creature!  It has been known to display fine cases of artifacts that would leave most collectors quivering for more.  Consider yourself warned!

This person is completely looney!  George Looney that is.  A great guy that I had the privilege of meeting.  Him and his wife were super people that I really enjoyed spending some time with at the show.  He brought in some of his fine artifacts to show, and they'll make anyone jealous! 

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