2006 AACA Expo

The 2006 AACA expo had a record turn out this year.  It was a sold out show!   

Note: Click on pics to enlarge them

Show attendees admire a fine display of relics.


Dave Waite (left-NM) and Bill Neece (right- MO.) are well known collectors and Opposum Wranglers.  It's been said that Bill Neece has an uncanny ability to sniff out Hardin points from miles away.  

An overall view of the show and some of the tables.

Yet another view of some of the displays.


Another view

Jim Fisher demonstrates his knapping abilities.

Cleatis "The Man" Hook shows off his latest finds.

Cleatis' bookends pose in front of the 2006 AACA expo poster.  Dunno about you, but I want one for my wall too!

Cleatis is a commercial fisherman and sits in front of two displays of his other hobby, collection antique fishing lures


David Bogle (center) and two other guys trying hard to make sure that the truck doesn't roll away.



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