2006 Springdale Artifact Show

Well, yet again, it was another great year at Springdale.  The show was held on Feb. 12th at the NW Arkansas convention center.  Here are a few pics of the show.  If you would like larger, or more detailed images of ANY of the pictures, please let me know!  I sized them down and decreased the quality in order to place them on this page. - Matt


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Al Kennedy - from Roadrunner artifacts out of Texas.  He is standing next to one of his wonderful artifact displays.

Jim Bennett (foreground) and Tom Bramlett (background) are taking in the show at a leisurely pace.  Jim wrote the 2 series of books on identifying fake relics, and also puts out an artifact list that has some great bargains in it!  Be sure you check them both out.


Rocky Bornholdt (background) could be my twin, or the stunt double for Dan Haggerty .  I was going to ask him to sing with me, but was afraid people would mistake us for ZZ Top.  Rocky Recently found a 3 3/4" Clovis that I'm very jealous of (I got pics of it). Deb (his wife, just below him) is also a super hunter that I envy, with her superb paleo river finds!!  To the left of them is Bobby Smrkovsky and his incredible collection of pottery.  I offered to trade him my son for the mimbres figural fish bowl on the bottom - but unfortunately he had already met brett..


Meet the Branstetters!  On the left hand side is the future of our hobby, young Colton - artifact hunter extraordinaire!  On the right is Jerry  and in the center is his wife Shelly.  They are good people and if you see them at a show, be sure to drop by and check out their collection of Northeast Oklahoma Artifacts! 

Burnham Blackwell is in the foreground.  In the background is a fellow I think named Mark Scherer.  I have the world's worst memory, am geographically challenged, my cat is plotting against me, but my wonderful yodeling makes up for those faults. 

Jim Cox Jr. and Sr. enjoying the show.  Jim has a wonderful Spiro type collection that I forgot to get pics of for you all...ugggggh.  They are good people, and always a pleasure to talk with.


Darrel Wilson (on the right) is from Kansas and puts on a show there that you should attend if you get a chance.  He is a nice guy to talk to and always fun to be around.  The guy on the left told me his name....but I forgot it...UGGH!.  His name is Ron..or Don, or maybe Mike...or Frank?  His last name has either an "I" or an "O" in it..or some sort of vowel in it (ok, ok..so that's a given)!  Anyways, he has a GREAT pottery collection that I'm very jealous of. He also had a killer display of cache river points!  He was a very nice guy to talk to, I would love to see more of his collection some time.

Darren Dirksen is a friend..a very, very lucky and talented friend.  He is shown here with a Ouachita Quartzite Dalton that he found recently on the Ark. River here in Oklahoma.  That critter is over 7" long!  Yes, we have thoroughly cursed him for the luck.  What a killer find!  The picture does not do it justice.  Darren also is a very talented artist.  If you have been to very many shows, then I'm sure you've seen his work on T-shirts.  If you don't have one, you're missing out!

This is Dee Graham and his collection.  He was a bit camera shy, but I cured that with a sneak attack.


This is our own "slowboat" Ron Hass and his  wife.  Ron is a local here (Oklahoma) and a pleasure to talk to.  He has a great appreciation for the past and is an asset to our hobby.  I still think we should motorize his sailboat though - I'm thinking Allison jet engine.

Jim Cherry  (Arkansas) is a delight to talk to.  A very intelligent man who is an authority on head pots.  If you see him at a show, be sure you drop by and lend an ear.  He's a valuable source of information and a super nice guy. 

No, that's not Ted Nugent or Peter Frampton.  That's our own Johnny Kidd (Oklahoma).  He is a river hunter who has an amazing collection of personal found artifacts.  I think I've almost talked him into leaving some of his incredible personal found paleo points to me in his will!  Ok...maybe not, but I sure tried! 


Back in the "day" there were legends of these two.  Chris "Beastmaster" Merriam (left) and Lonnie "Nipples" Hartline (right).  They would travel the plains seeking fluted birdpoints and mosquito effigies. It has been told that you cannot look either of them in the eye without breaking out into a sweat and offering them your best Earbob Ferry points. This was a rare siting of the two elusive creatures, soon to be available on eBay and in stores near you.

One of Chris "Beastmaster" Merriam's frames of relics.  The artifacts in this frame are of exceptional quality.  I'm told that he has arranged them in such a fashion that if you stare at them long enough, you will see an image of Elvis riding a moped backwards.  Try it...

Richard Morrison and his lovely wife from Oklahoma.  Richard is a very nice guy with some super bargains.  If you see him set up at a show, be sure to check out his offerings and I'll bet you won't be sorry! 


Lyle Nickle always astounds viewers with his incredible display of Oklahoma points.  Look at those Calf Creeks!  If that don't make you drool and give you the urge  to hug your monitor, nothing will.  

Ken Partain is a regular at the shows and you can always look forward to seeing some of his pottery collection.

John Richardson (left) is a good guy whom I have known for years.  Be sure to drop by his tables and check out his offerings.  He'll cut you a deal if you wont' sing...well..that's what he told ME anyways.


Dr. Kent Westbrook (Ark.) is an authority on pottery.  He is the author of "Legends In Clay", a pictorial pottery guide for the Arkansas area.  I was blown away by the red on buff bottle on the left, it has one of the paint jobs that I've ever seen on a Mississippian piece.

Kevin Jerome and his wife.  They had some pretty nice displays of both contemporary art, and ancient pottery.  They are from MO. and I enjoy pilfering through their wares at the shows.


Larry Merriam (left) and Jim Cherry (right).  Both are good folks and fun to talk to.  I'm pretty sure that Dr. Jim is discussing the finer points of quantum physics with Larry,  or giving mud wrestling tips ( a subject on which I'm an authority).


Roy McKey is a regular at all of the shows and has probably the best assortment of books that there is available.  I always end up spending money at his table.  He spoiled my kids (and me).  If you are ever looking for any particular artifact books, give Roy a holler.  If he can't get it, you probably can't find it.

Shawn Ballard (right) and Suzy Mapes (left).  Good people and always nice to talk to.  They have a good collection of points from around the MO. area. 

Rick Stevens is the host for the Springdale show every year.   He does a great job of putting the show together, and I think it is one of the better ones there is.  Notice the picture of Greg Perino on the table. 


Tom Davis. 



Tony Stein (MO) is a super nice fellow with a VERY amazing collection.  I think he'll have to clean nose smudges off of his cases....I was staring at them pretty close.  He's a very intelligent person with a good sense of humor.  He is president of  the GIRS, so contact him and sign up today!

I ran outta pics, and needed to fill this empty space....baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the show pics.