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UV light detection kits now available!


          Out of habit, have you looked for arrowhead shapes in the Mars photographs?  Do you have a kid, pet, or rusty truck named clovis?  Have you ever missed a wedding because the water's down?  Has your better half ever slapped you awake in the middle of the night demanding to know who folsom is?  Does your computer desk look like a flint outcropping?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the site for you!

      Collecting relics for most of us is more than a hobby, it is a passion.  The relics left by past people each tell us story, give us a glimpse into the past.  It is our duty to preserve this past for future generations.  On this site you will find information that will be helpful to the average, as well as, more advanced collector.  Discussion forum, arcade games, artifact trivia, real-time chat, artifacts for sale, useful articles & typology are just a few of the things you will find.  Please use the links provided in the left window to help you navigate easier.  Don't forget to check out my pottery restoration page!  - Matt Rowe



NEWEST  ADDITIONS!!! - The newest site content on ARROWHEADS1


2008 SPRINGDALE ARTIFACT SHOW PICS- Images of the 2008 Springdale show, in Arkansas.


2007 SPRINGDALE ARTIFACT SHOW PICS- Images of the 2007 Springdale show, in Arkansas.


2006 AACA EXPO ARTIFACT SHOW - Images of the 2006 AACA Expo, in Kentucky.


SPAVINAW KNAP-IN 2006 - Images of the 2006 Spavinaw, Oklahoma Knap-in.


UV Light Detection Kits - UV light & glasses kits now available.


5-4-2006 Artifact Quiz - Newly updated artifact quiz.  Test your knowledge!


GREEN COUNTRY ARTIFACT SHOW PICS-  Pictures of the 2006 Artifact Show are up!


SPRINGDALE 2006 show pics -  Pictures of the 2006 Springdale Artifact Show. New 2-13-06


BISON SKELETAL ANATOMY - A graphic representation of a bison's skeletal structure.  New 9-20-05


ARTIFACTS SITE SEARCH - This page will allow you to search any artifact related site without having to wade

through the mess of off-content sites that other web searches give you!  New 9-3-05


FRICTION FIRE DEMONSTRATION - A photo guide on how to produce friction fire - submitted by George Looney.

Arrowheads1 appreciates any informative articles submitted by users, submit yours today! New 9-3-05                


USERS PHOTO GALLERY -   This will allow users a gallery to store their images.  NEW 8-4-2005



COMING SOON!!! - Look for these future additions on ARROWHEADS1


CONTESTS & GAMES - I will put up more contests, allowing users to win authentic artifacts. There is one going on right now in the discussion forum, guess the amount of scrapers in a jug!  Also, the artifact quiz will be updated shortly.  Stay tuned!


TYPOLOGY GUIDE - A comprehensive lithic typology guide for the United States. I have started this,  it is very detailed and in "wizard" format. 


LITHIC MATERIAL GUIDE - A guide for mineral types used in the production of stone artifacts.

This also is in "wizard" format. 


REAL OR REPRO?  -  A helpful guide to help collectors determine reproduction from authentic. For the novice as well as more advanced collectors.  


POTTERY I.D. - I have started a helpful in-depth guide for pottery around the U.S.  I have started it and in the midst of completing graphics for it at the moment. 

Is there an improvement that you would like to see on Arrowheads1?  I encourage you to contact me and share your ideas to help improve this site!  All suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated!

Email Me (

Matt Rowe  



Copyright @ 2005 all rights reserved - , Matt Rowe


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Green Country 
Artifact Show!


May 24th - 2008!!!


View the April 22, 2006 GCAS show pictures HERE!!



An all new search page!!!

This page searches any artifact related website for you.




check it out!


Flint Reduction Primer

A guide to flint reduction terminology.


Click here for the Flint Reduction Primer!!!



An online publication of in-situ photos and information

In-Situ - an online publication


We now have a chat room that features live video/audio and text!

You can generally find people in there around 8-9 p.m. weeknights.



Pennsylvania Points

A recently acquired collection of PA points for sale.




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